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Rotary of Toms River
New Membership Application Form
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Request / Proposal for Membership:
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Community Service Interests: _______________________________________________
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Additional Corporate / Family Members (if applicable):
I understand that if I am accepted as a member of the Rotary of Toms River I will strive to support the Mission of Rotary,
agree to actively participate as often as possible and to pay all required membership fees and dinner costs.
Signature or Name of Applicant: ____________________________________________________________  Date:_____________
Member Proposed / Sponsored By:_____________________________________ (if applicable)   

Our Mission

The Mission of Rotary of Toms River is to better the community we live in through charitable giving, volunteering, crisis response, and creating a positive, lasting change through our endeavors. 

To accomplish this Mission we provide service to others, promote business integrity, advance world understanding, foster community goodwill, and promote peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.