Get Rich Bonanza 50/50
One of our most exciting fundraisers each year is the Get Rich Bonanza Cash 50/50! 
The cost per ticket is $100 and only 400 tickets are sold.
 If all of the tickets are sold the winners will receive:
  • 1st Prize          $14,000.00
  • 2nd Prize         $  4,000.00
  • 3rd Prize         $   2,000.00
The winner need not be present for the drawing.
The proceeds of the Get Rich Bonanza 50/50 support the Toms River Rotary Club Foundation's charitable giving throughout the community all year.
To purchase tickets please either send a message to us on our website or Facebook page. Tickets can also be purchased at one of our Rotary club meetings on Wednesday nights during February and March, up until the drawing. 
Tickets are usually available in early February each year, with the drawing in April.